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Corporate Portraits

Convenient Locations. Business and Corporate Head-shots. Executive Portraits in Studio and on Location. We have a professional team to capture the corporate essence of you right from your office to a garden nearby.

Modeling Portfolio

Helping you get an array of looks for different marketing purposes. Starting from trials and training. Providing you high quality fashion and beauty shots for your porfolio and look books.

Maternity & Pregnancy Folio

Capture the experience of Maternity for Life. We shall help you capture these amazing period of life in a frame so that you can cherish it forever.

Advertising & E-Commerice

Helping you in Advertising and editorial photographs that are used to illustrate and enhance a story or report, for newspapers, magazines, newsletters, books and websites.

Babies & Children Photography

We are Specialists in babies and kids photography. Never miss a chance to capture those innocent smile, innocent expressions which can make you smile for rest of your life.

Wedding Photography

We shall capture the precious moments of your life and experience the par excellence with candid elements of a wedding through stills as well as video. We try to keep it simple & real & blend in with your family so that we get the best of your wedding day!



New faces to seasoned professionals, we cater for all types of modeling portfolios. The studio offers test shoots including make -up & hair.

Best Photographer in Bangalore

It’s essential for every model to have a photographer who’s experienced in creating professional model portfolio which is accepted all over the globe. We specialize in glamour, model and boudoir photography! We’ve been in business for ten years with a full studio setup in Bangalore. We have a great studio atmosphere, with lovely terrace for outdoor candid shoots and studio on the top floor of out own building. We love laughter, great music, and all things happy.

We are here to show you that Pre Wedding and Wedding photography does not have to be strenous. You will actually enjoy the whole pre wedding photo sessions which will last a beautiful memory for years.

We love to capture fun, off-beat and candid style of wedding photography and show off memories from your wedding with a pleasant experience.

Our wedding photography is just more than real good images, the comfort, fun and moments you share with your partner during the photo session is way beyond words.

Lookbook for Models


Years of experience in creating high-end model portfolio with a team ranging from make up artists, photographers, stylists, location scouts, designers will help you get you modeling portfolio. Our Modeling portfolio photographer will give you an array of looks to grow and expand your client base and also have scouts and agents interested in you for work.


Have you ever thought of having your photos taken like a model but don’t know where to begin?

Explore being a model for a day at our photo studio. Yatish and his team will guide you to pose like a model, and you will have a wonderful experience as your explore your other side.

  • Yatish and his team made me so comfortable. I would definitely recommend him for anyone wanting to do a portrait shoot.
  • YKR (Yatish) is full of creative ideas, filled with energy and incredibly friendly. But that's not it, his pictures are marvelous.
  • Everybody offer photography solutions, but the reason I opted for Yatish is because they offer training and trials days before the actual shoot which helps you get prepared, relaxes the nerves and enjoy the Photoshoot.

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