Boudoir and Glamour

Question for Glamour Boudoir Photoshoot in India

Does it include Makeup and Hairstyling?
Yes it includes and hair-styling by a professional artist

Do you keep the pictures confidential?
Yes, if you want us to.

Do I have to go complete nude?
It is completely upto you how much you would like to express yourself.

Does the package include costumes?
Yes some, but we prefer if you can get some outfits which fits you well, specially the lingerie, bikinis, etc,.

Is there any age restriction?
Yes, Only females above 18 years with proper documentation will be shot.

Honeymoon and boudoir photoshoot in India

Thinking of surprising your partner with an intimate photo shoot?

Glamour Boudoir photos are a unique and personal gift for someone special in our life. Whether it be a bridal gift to your new husband or a Valentines gift. I assure you it’s not like any other gift
he’s gotten before! Or maybe you’ve been married for awhile and need a boost. A boudoir album will for sure do the trick.


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